About Us

Sweta & Company ia a company that specializes in creating beautiful interior décor material. Sweta & Company is proud to boast over 25 years of experiences in providing interior solutions with solutions in term of range ,design manufacture and final supply of virtually most of the component in an interior of a room. From thousands of varieties of blinds, viz roller, bamboo, chick, wooden, Venetian, roman, vertical, zebra ,folded,triple shade ,probably you name it and we have it. The range varies from blinds to awnings, curtain rods to curtain fabrics, from tapestry to carpets, pvc false ceilings to aluminum partitions, cushion mats to door mats, from designer wall papers to creative floorings.Think of it and we have one for you.

Sweta & company has been serving the Indian home market as it is quickly developing and the consumers are aware of what is available to create their dream room look and finish. With our national reach and local touch, we provide our customers with a full interior management and supply system that saves money, time and gives a peace of mind to know the project will run smoothly and finish on time.

Our strategy is to focus efforts and develop more detailed market knowledge and full understanding in our market sectors. Sweta & Company manufactures a range of finished products and has specialist suppliers, project teams and contractors with detailed market knowledge and full understanding of individual client’s need in each specific area of requirement. We provide the highest level of service and ensure that our supply chain is one of the best in terms of quality, cost and service.

Our Blinds

Leading Manufacturer of Vertical Blinds, Roller Blinds, Bamboo / Wooden Blinds, Roman Blinds and Zebra Blinds from Lucknow.

Sweta & Company

Vertical Blinds

Window is one common thing you will find at homes,offices, showroom, hospitals,but we have things that makes your “window” uncommon. At sweta & company you will find varity of vertical blinds that give windows of your homes and offices an extra ordinary look. Vertical blinds add style and color to any window and room. Vertical blind are perfect as patio door blinds and work well for wide windows. Choose from classic and easy –to-clean vinyl vertical blinds in smooth, ribbed,or embossed texture-over 200 color.

Sweta & Company

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds provide sheer elegance to the interiors space and enhance the décor of the interiors. A very wide choice of fabrics, from decorative to screen and specialized applications, makes the choice rather easy and convenient. For instance if you’re looking for a roller blind that provides ample solar protection and at the same time let’s you view the outside, you’d need to choose from a large collection of screen fabrics. On the other hand if you desire maximum solar control and room darkening effect, select from our range of blackout and dim-out fabric. Most of these roller blinds fabrics provide ample solar protection by reducing glare, lowering the inside temperature and making the air-conditioning more effective, and bring down the energy consumption levels by 50-60%.

Sweta & Company

Bamboo / Wooden Blinds

Before the modern Venetian blinds where created, a primitive form of blind had been in use for centuries, serving a similar function to the blinds of today. Venetian blinds are versatile and efficient. They can be adjusted without too much difficulty, to control the amount of light required or to allow you some privacy. The blinds come in bold, bright color, contemporary patterns and texture. Inhabitants of these earlier times would hang wet cloth over the windows in there huts for cooling purpose. Traveling Venetian traders came across a type of venetian blind in Persia and introduced them to Venice and Paris. Venetian blinds are slatted with a number of long horizontal strip of metal or vinyl connected in rows. As a rule the slats are attached with strip so that they can be turned to allow the light to pass through them. They can also be turned flat to block the light from outside. Usually, the turning of the slats is accomplished by rotating a metal plastic piece found at the upper corner of the blinds. A string or pull allows the blinds to be raised as well as removing them entirely from obscuring the window.